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Lesson 1

Introduction to eBusiness and existing Business Services

Introducing an eBusiness to an existing business can be dramatic. Its effects are felt both internally and externally, in operations, marketing, as well as in the attitude of the employees. In many ways the introduction of eBusiness is a rebirth. It allows those involved to experience first-hand how the business is re-engineered to accommodate the new model, and to learn a great deal about the business itself.
It is not the responsibility of the architect to change the existing business functions. However, it is the responsibility of the architect to ensure that all executives, particularly those in charge of the areas affected, are prepared for and understand the impact of such changes. The architect needs the people responsible for making the changes to confirm that the necessary changes can be completed within the timeframes and with existing resources. If the architect cannot get these assurances, then the architect must ensure that the plans and budget for the project are altered accordingly.
At the end of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the effects of eBusiness on the existing business
  2. Identify the operational support requirements for eBusiness
  3. Detail the human resources factors related to eBusiness
  4. Define the implications and/or relevance of marketing related to eBusiness and the enterprise
  5. Identify the financial considerations of using eBusiness
  6. Identify the link between manufacturing and eBusiness
In the next lesson, we will look at the commercial implications of an eBusiness.