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Lesson 8Networking considerations
ObjectiveDescribe general networking considerations.
We cannot possibly discuss all the challenges of network architecture in this course, but here are a few general networking considerations an architect needs to keep in mind when creating e-Commerce solutions. Use the MouseOver to learn more about these considerations:
Network Decisions Network design must reflect the anticipated user community for a particular e-commerce architecture or solution.
1. The number of users, 2. type of transactions, 3. how long visitors will stay connected
are important considerations for network design.
For example most B2C e-commerce applications consume significantly more bandwidth than an Internet for a medium-size organization or extranet which consists of 3 closely-knit companies.
Frequency of Access The frequency of access also influences network design.
For example an Intranet will typically be used constantly throughout a business day, while the same network will receive little use during the weekend.
In contrast, a B2C solution may have wild dips and peaks in usage through out the day , and may peak after business hours when home-based buying peaks.
Localization The amount of localization will affect network activity. For example, an e-Commerce B2C commodity product site localized for Japanese, Madarin and other widely used Asia/Pacific languages will not necessarily have a lull period during the late evening in the US.
Content Consider your content before choosing your networking solutions. Sites that are media-rich typically consume more bandwith than text-oriented sites.
Standards In software, standards are nice-to-have but do not always need to dictate architecture and design. In contrast, networking standards are well established. For e-Commerce in particular, networking implementations must stick to Internet standards (TCP/IP, HTTP, etc.), and should only bridge to proprietary private networks.
Quality Although price is a consideration, network reliability and bandwidth can make or break an e-Commerce implementation. For this reason, it is recommended that you host your website through a reliable hosting company.