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Lesson 1

Evolution of e-Business technologies

The primary objective of this module is to explain how Internet technologies evolved to from the e-Businesses we see today.
A key point here is that technology has radically changed business models.
The business model has changed radically, moving from
  1. wait for the customer to
  2. manage the customer
- reactive to proactive.
Certainly the key to the success of Internet technologies both B2C and B2B has been the ability to compress the time required for an interaction between parties, allowing for richer, more bi-directional exchanges. At some level the purpose is always the same: to make money and please the stock market to increase market cap.
In this module, you will learn about Web technologies, their evolution, and their relevance to e-Business today.

Electronic Business focuses on organizational transformations based on information technologies. Research includes the identification of best practices and trends, the comparative analysis of new business models, the evaluation of performance based on the introduction of new technologies, the efficacy of the new services and methods in attracting and satisfying customers, and the simulation of integrated supply chains.
Electronic technologies focus on information technologies and system architectures, which are used to create and manage on-line commercial transactions.
Research includes work on
  1. electronic commerce technologies and protocols (in particular wireless and multi-media),
  2. the analysis and development of algorithms and theories (in particular security, data mining, web data warehouses, and distributed applications),
  3. the definition of standards,
  4. architectures and software engineering methodologies for developing electronic commerce systems,
  5. the experimental development of innovative applications (virtual environments, e-learning, electronic negotiations, business reporting).