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Safeguarding your site against unauthorized entry.

Security is an extremely diverse and complex topic. As an architect, your focus should be on considering security implications at every step in preparing the business for eBusiness, and in an ongoing effort to raise awareness within the enterprise, as well as with your customers.
There are four steps to safeguard your site against unauthorized entry :
  1. Be explicit in educating their consumers on their products' security risks.
  2. Educate your employees on the preventative and defensive tools available for denial-of-service and other cyber attacks.
  3. Accept the fact that many websites have been tampered with; a willingness to share your experiences and solutions with others, even competitors, is a long term investment in addressing the problem.
Prepare to be held accountable for not taking basic steps to protect yourselves and your customers against computer-related crimes.

Insure the OS of your server is up to date

Often the operating system of your webserver may have several issues and could potentially have security vulnerabilities that can leave your server open to attacks that compromise your computer and your data.
Software patches and updates are made available to clients to help keep a software program and operating system running properly and secure.
If the program you are using does not have any method of checking for updates on its own it is up to you to verify the program is up-to-date. Often this can be done by visiting the website of the developer who created the program. A listing of third-party companies and links to each of their pages can be found on our third-party support page.