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Client-end Considerations - Exercise

List the considerations for the client-end of eBusiness

Objective: Identify the considerations for the client-end of eBusiness.

This exercise uses a Java applet to allow you to match items in the left column with the items in the right column. If you do not have Java active in your browser or are behind a firewall that does not allow Java applets, you will not be able to complete this exercise. If you do not see the applet below, click OK, I'm Done to continue with the course. You will receive full credit for this exercise.
This exercise is not scored. It's an opportunity for you to check your understanding of the material covered in the preceding lesson. When you have completed the exercise, click the OK, I'm Done button to receive credit for having completed it.


In the left column below are six considerations that may need to be addressed; corresponding examples of sites for which these considerations may be a problem are listed in the right column. Click once on a consideration in the left column, then click once on the best example of a site which may be compromised by that consideration in the right column to make a match.
When you think you have all of the considerations and examples matched correctly, click the Done button and you'll see whether or not you've matched the terms correctly--green lines mean the match is correct, red lines mean the match is incorrect. If you didn't get the matches right the first time, click Clear to erase your matches and try again.
When you have completed this matching exercise, click the OK, I'm Done button.