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Lesson 3 History of eBusiness
Objective Describe the evolution of eBusiness.

History and Evolution of e-business

In order to understand the importance of eBusiness today, it is important that you know where and how it originated. Our timeline explaining the history of eBusiness begins in the 1970's and ends with current practice. We have identified four key stages on that timeline:

This is a timeline showing the history of eBusiness.
This is a timeline showing the history of eBusiness

Of course, the history of eBusiness is not as simple as that. The Slide Show below will explain in detail the technological changes that brought about these marked shifts in business history.

History of eBusiness

Objectives for e-business Development

The organization is facing market changes and the organization changes according to the markets.
The objectives for the e-business development emerge from these changes and because the change is continuous, it brings new requirements for the e-business system. In addition, the history and legacy structures of the organization cause conflicts in the development when combined with the need for change. These fluctuating objectives and emerging conflicts bring certain consequences to the e-business system architecture development in the organization. The formation and description of this causal model can be classified as selective coding.

In summary, eBusiness has been in the making for the past 30 years. After starting as a niche solution for certain businesses and communities, eBusiness today is an expanding force accounting for a steadily increasing share of commercial transactions. Its full potential remains in the future.
Now you know how eBusiness came to be as important as it is. The next lesson is about the direction in which eBusiness moving.

Information Exchange History

Click the link below to check your understanding of the history of eBusiness.
Information Exchange History