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Lesson 1

Integration tools for eBusiness

Integration may well be the single greatest challenge in creating and growing an e-Business today. To take advantage of the Web, businesses must integrate their existing applications with new Web technologies. In this module, you'll learn which tools are available to ensure the integration of constantly changing technologies, and the processes that depend on those technologies. Specifically, you'll learn about two kinds of tools that play a critical part in any integration strategy--middleware and workflow services technologies. By the end of this module, you will be able to complete the following:
  1. Describe message-oriented middleware and its function
  2. Describe RPC-based middleware and its function
  3. Describe data access/integration middleware and its function
  4. Describe distributed object middleware and its function
  5. Describe transaction processors and their function
  6. Explain Enterprise Application Integration and its function
  7. Describe workflow services solutions and their role in integration

The next lesson explains middleware and how it integrates eBusiness technologies.