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Switches, Bridges, and Router Vendors

Cisco is the market leader in data networking hardware, especially in terms of TCP/IP based networks (specifically the Internet). Cisco's market share is dominant in data networking hardware, particularly Internet routers. Consequently, many of their products have evolved into de facto network standards.
Cisco does have competition in the area of routers, switches, and bridges. Lucent, by far the dominant player in voice networking products, has begun to make significant market penetration in data. In addition, companies like Bay Networks, Motorola, Ascend, Cabletron, and Nortel are important players in this field.
The following table shows the top switches, bridges and router vendors

Switches, Bridges, Routers

Vendor Product Name(s) (if applicable)
Ascend (Lucent) *
Bay Networks (Nortel)*
Trillium Digital Systems*

Web Traffic Director

Vendor Product Name(s) (if applicable)
Cisco *
Lucent *

Web Traffic Reports

Vendor Product Name(s) (if applicable)
Clairvoyant *

Please see the Resources section of the course to download a PDF file containing a complete list of all of the vendors and tools covered in this course, along with URLs to the vendor Websites.