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WAN Vendors

The following is a list of WAN optimization vendors.
  1. Riverbed
  2. Ipanema
  3. BlueCoat
  4. SilverPeak
  5. Cisco WAAS
  6. Exinda
  7. Visual Network Systems
  8. NetIQ
  9. NetDialog
  10. Certeon
  11. Aryaka
  12. OpNet
  13. Network Instruments
  14. NetScout
  15. A10 Networks

Software Architect's Handbook
Three very different network optimization vendors made three very different product announcements over the last few weeks. But there's one common thread: Making the most of what you have, whether it's redundant networks (Ipanema Technologies), lots of digital assets (Level 3 Communications), or a new acquisition (Blue Coat Systems). (Compare Application Acceleration and WAN Traffic Optimization products)
For large enterprise, Ipanema debuted a new feature that gives its customers with redundant network infrastructures the tools to better utilize all available bandwidth. An enterprise might have a primary MPLS network with backup ISDN or DSL lines, for example. The new route-selection feature, called smart|path, is designed to let enterprises manage bandwidth across their primary and secondary networks in tandem, rather than using the secondary line only when the primary service fails.
Ipanema's ip|engine devices, which are deployed at customers' data centers and branch offices, collect link information such as available bandwidth. The smart-path technology compares that data to preset application performance objectives and an analysis of traffic to determine path selection.