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Lesson 2 What are the Ecommerce-Site-Prerequisites?
Objective Verify that you have the right background for this course.

Ecommerce Site Prerequisites

It is not necessary to have taken other courses to get the most out of this course.
However, you should have a basic understanding of e-commerce and some courses that might help prepare you for this course are
  1. ecommerce Fundamentals and
  2. Planning Web Site,
or equivalent knowledge and experience.

Shopping cart software is software used in e-commerce to assist people making purchases online, analagous to the US English term "shopping cart".
In British English it is generally known as a shopping basket, almost exclusively shortened on websites to basket. The software allows online shopping customers to "place" items in the cart.
Upon "checkout" the software typically calculates a total for the order including shipping and handling (i.e. postage and packing) and taxes, if applicable. There are a lot of technical problems in ecommerce websites such as server glitches, onsite and offsite conflicts, and latency. For example your keyword ranks well on Google but shows different results for search engine Yandex.
Recent technical advances like the introduction of canonical tags were designed to help resolve this problem .
In the next lesson, course requirements will be discussed.