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Lesson 4 Site business model revenue strategies
Objective Describe Potential Revenue Strategies to establish your Business Model
As you develop your site, consider how you are going to earn revenue.
You can attract people to your site, then court advertisers and partners to place ads on your site, or you can purchase space from other sites in your marketing niche.
Generate revenue online
Some of the ways to increase exposure to your site, and thus revenue, are shown in the following Slide Show.

Generate Revenue using Portal
A portal is a site that offers a centralized place for multiple goods and services. In effect, it offers "one stop shopping" on the Internet. A portal is not limited to offering its own goods and services for sale. It acts as a gateway to what the Internet has to offer. More specifically, it allows Web surfers specific channels that help them direct their surfing efforts more efficiently.
An effective Web portal offers:
  1. Essential "stickiness" for people to return to for convenience of their services in one place
  2. A sense of community for people to chat and pursue similar interests.
  3. Direction
  4. An information source
  5. A revenue stream for other sites listing on the portal
The trick to creating an effective portal is finding clever ways to provide directional information as value added to the information a user wants.
e-Commerce Blueprinte-Commerce Blueprint

Company name and the Web site
Indirectly related to revenue in terms of company "branding," your company Web site name is important for many reasons. It defines who the company is and possibly what it does. Remember, too, that limited options are available for domain names.
It is possible that you will create an e-commerce site for an already-existing company. If this is the case, you have to consider what to name the site. If you are lucky, you will simply name the site after the company. Many site developers for large, multidivisional companies must create site names that reflect a particular company function or product.
For example, Sun supports many Web sites, including
  1. Oracle sun and
  2. Oracel Technology.
On January 27, 2010, Sun was acquired by Oracle Corporation for $7.4 billion dollars based on an agreement signed on April 20, 2009.
You must create a name that adequately conveys the site's purpose, products, and services.
In the next lesson, the process of defining products and services will be discused.
Site Business Model - Exercise
Click the Exercise link below to create a site name and learn how to register the name on the Internet.
Site Business Model - Exercise