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Lesson 1

Introduction to Internet Technologies

When you are Web surfing, your most important goal is to get what you want. There are a variety of Internet services and tools that enable users to surf, find, and access resources on the Internet. You might call these search services and tools clients. Most of the terms and concepts are very familiar.
You only have to pick up any new media magazine and chances are you will find them. They are really at the heart of Internet use, and now you can explore how to apply them.
This module will help you
  1. Explain the purpose of HTTP
  2. Define email communication
  3. Explain the purpose of FTP
  4. Describe Telnet
  5. Describe the USENET
  6. Describe the role of LISTSERV
  7. Explain how to use Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
  8. Evaluate Web browsers
  9. Explore search engines and best practice techniques for searching

Search Services and Search Engines