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Lesson 1

Additional searching topics

In an earlier module, you were asked to list or reflect upon your own needs for finding information on the Internet. I f those needs have not been met by the techniques and searching services you have encountered in the preceding modules, you may still not be satisfied.
This module presents some additional resources and searching services that can fill in the gaps in your search strategy. These resources and services give you access to more information, in more parts of the Internet, and in more places worldwide.
Also included in this module are some techniques that will help you personalize the searching resources and sites most valuable to you in your day-to-day information needs.
After completing this module, you will be able to:

  1. Locate information about searching and Search Engines on the Web
  2. Use your browser's features to help you search
  3. Build a list of key sites and learn how they are part of an overall search strategy
  4. Search international Web sites in their native languages
  5. Utilize Usenet discussions as information sources
  6. Discover search services dedicated to specific topics or types of Web sites