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Reality Check Planning for new sites and dot-coms

New e-commerce sites and dot-coms may have fewer restrictions than large companies with a lot of legacy systems, but the process for selecting software should be basically the same.
Companies with no legacy systems have many fewer restrictions pertaining to platform requirements and development environments. However, the same process for selecting and implementing software should be followed:
  1. Identify deployment environment
  2. Select software that is compatible within the selected deployment environment and that meets client needs for site features and functionality
  3. Finalize software selection

Software Engineering Institute

As an example of using these approaches, the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI) used the vendor-survey approach, among several others listed, to select a new ERP application. The Software Engineering Institute needed to replace a long-lived, faltering budget system that was built internally and had many shortcomings relating to the budget and business goals of the SEI. The system required substantial modifications to accommodate several new needs created by the advent of a new Oracle ERP system in use by Carnegie Mellon University.
In a case of "practicing what you preach", the SEI put into practice the principles taught in the COTS-Based Systems for Program Managers and COTS Software Product Evaluation for Practitioners training courses. The approach and subsequent results were captured in the technical note, COTS Acquisition Evaluation Process.