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Internet Application Developer

Question: Which role is responsible for overseeing documentation of processes and information regarding the website that the client will need?
Answer: The technical role. The creative role is finished by this phase, and the business role is involved in announcing and marketing the launch.
Internet application developers use complex programming languages to create applications for a wide variety of settings including business, government, social media and entertainment. The ability to learn a wide variety of technologies is required for this career.

Job Description of an Internet Application Developer

Internet applications are used by a wide variety of businesses, media outlets and individuals to perform many duties. The job of an Internet application developer is to take an individual's or a company's idea for an application and make it real. To make this happen, developers use their knowledge of computer programming to write the necessary code that creates the application. After writing the code, developers are frequently expected to run tests to ensure the functionality of the program.
Applications vary greatly in complexity, and on many projects a developer works with a large development team. The application may also be intended for use on multiple devices, and a developer will need to adjust the code for use on mobile phones, navigation systems, music players or organizational programs. There is a growing trend in the profession towards telecommuting, especially for self-employed developers.