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Lesson 1

Introduction to Applied Searching

In the last module, you were introduced to directories and search engines and how they are constructed. You performed searches through category selection and a simple keyword search.
This module illustrates more advanced searching techniques by refining your queries. By adding symbols and operators to your search queries, you can screen out many of the irrelevant results that match a keyword-only search query.
Searching services offer many of the same options for advanced searching (although some support more than others) and will let you select an Advanced Search or Power Search interface with many more choices.

After completing this module, you will be able to:
  1. Explain how different search engines interpret simple search queries
  2. Use Boolean operators in search queries
  3. Use advanced searching techniques to narrow or widen the search scope
  4. List other restrictions you can put on search results
  5. Find out what searches and queries a search site supports
  6. Explain how Search Engine results are ranked
Click the on the link below to consider what you would tell your keyword query to make it better.
Improving Search Results