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Compression File Formats

Compressed files use file compression in order to save disk space. Compressed archive formats can also be used to compress multiple files into a single archive. Several open and proprietary compression algorithms can be used to compress files, which is why many different compressed file types exist.
Common compressed file extensions include .ZIP, .SITX, .7Z, .RAR, and .GZ.

MIDI The standard file format supported by Macintosh and Windows/NT for transmitting information between computers and digital devices that simulate musical instruments.
Zip The popular file format supported by Windows/NT and Macintosh for compressing data and zipping and unzipping files.
WAV The standard PC file format that stores sound in files built into Windows. The files also take up a large amount of disk space.
AVI The file format developed by Microsoft that is the most common format for full motion video and animation with sound on the PC.
SIT The shareware file format that stuffs files onto multiple floppies and is a standard on Macintosh.
MP3 The file format supported by Windows/NT and Macintosh that compresses audio files and provides the same fidelity as a CD.