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Lesson 4 Web Team Interaction
Objective Members of a web design team

Members of a web design team

To help you conceptualize the members of a Web design team, the following company map provides a virtual tour of WebTeam, a Web design company. Click a desk on the map to explore the workstation of a WebTeam member.
These roles and job categories focus on tasks rather than specific job titles. These are broad categories, however, and responsibility areas vary from company to company and project to project.
Depending on the organization and the project, additional roles may be involved. They may include director of marketing, editor, quality assurance specialist, media designer, or vice president of sales.
The next lesson wraps up this review module.

Web design is a multidisciplinary art

Question: Why do so many of us try and do everything ourselves?
Our nature as web designers tells us to build things. We have the capability to handle just about every role in a web design project. If we do not already have the expertise in a certain skill, then at least we have the self-motivation to teach ourselves and learn on the job. Is doing everything by yourself the right approach?
Absolutely not.
When you look at the bigger picture, maybe it is not. For me, my goals are to build an impressive portfolio of work, land bigger and better clients, and grow my web design business. It is simply not feasible to achieve these goals by doing everything myself. The only way to achieve my objective is to build a web design team to help me with the required tasks.