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Mirroring a Website

A Web site that is a replica of an already existing site, used to
  1. reduce network traffic on a server or
  2. improve the availability of the original site.
Mirror sites are useful when the original site generates too much traffic for a single server to support. Furthermore, mirror sites also increase the speed with which files or Web sites can be accessed. Users can download files more quickly from a server that is geographically closer to them. For example, if a busy Chicago-based Web site sets up a mirror site in Germany, users in Europe can access the mirror site faster than the original site in Chicago.
Sites such as that offer copies or updates of popular software often set up mirror sites to handle the large demand that a single site may not be able to handle.

AWS Application development
To handle increased traffic, many popular sites utilize a technique called mirroring.

A Mirror Site is a copy of a site intended to share web site activity during times of high visitation or server problems

When too much traffic hits the main site, the traffic will be routed to the Mirror Site through load balancing

The load balancer will automatically direct the user to a mirrored Web Site. The user is unaware of the redirect and may experience a faster server when the mirrored site is geographically closer.