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Lesson 1

Introduction to E-Commerce Fundamentals

Conducting e-commerce on the World Wide Web no longer qualifies as a novelty. Companies, both large and small, non-profit organizations and governments, now enable customers to purchase products and services over the Web. Web-based e-commerce has already had an earth-shattering impact on the world of business, yet the Web's effect on business can be observed on a daily basis.
Companies and organizations of all types should expect several more years of dramatic change to their business models due to the influence of Web-based e-commerce. E-Commerce's phenomenal penetration in all kinds of industries means that understanding the fundamentals of e-commerce, both from a business and technical perspective, is necessary for practically every business endeavor and thus for every business person.
In this module, we will introduce the basic concepts of Web-based e-commerce, how e-commerce has influenced business, and begin to explore the business advantages and disadvantages of deploying a Web e-commerce site.

Learning objectives

At the end of this module you will be able to:
  1. Define e-commerce
  2. Distinguish between various e-commerce models
  3. Discuss how e-commerce has, in general, impacted business models
  4. Identify key pros and cons to conducting business using Web-based e-commerce
As your online business grows, you will need to respond to the changing needs of your customers. In the next lesson, you will see how the concept of e-commerce is continually being redefined.